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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Content Runner?

Content Runner is an online marketplace specifically tailored to written content.

Content Runner’s goal is to establish an open marketplace that brings those in need of content together with those who generate content. Content Runner offers features and functionality to facilitate the creation and exchange of content.

How does Content Runner work?

People who want content created (“Users”) post an advertisement for an article. People who want to create the content (“Writers”) contact the Users and offer their services. Users and Writers negotiate the specifics (timing, style, tone, references, etc.). Upon agreement, Users assign the article to a Writer and the two individuals work together to complete the arrangement.

Alternatively, Users are able to allow Writers to “Take” (assign themselves) an article request directly, without any initial engagement between the Writers and the Users. Content Runner recommends that both Users and Writers use this feature judiciously, to avoid miscommunications regarding the expectations of both parties (which may ultimately result in Writers not being paid for the content they deliver).

Content Runner does not arbitrate disputes unless it has been explicitly contracted to do so. Content Runner also does not guarantee payment. Payment is made only when a User “accepts” the final product and marks the article request “complete” (a status that is displayed to Writers and Users).

Writers are not eligible for payment until the User formally marks the article request “complete” within Content Runner.

How does the money work?

Users fund an account with Content Runner, generally via credit card. A User’s account is charged the cost of an article at point of order. Content Runner deducts its fee and holds the remaining funds in escrow until the User approves the release of funds to the Writers (by changing the status of an article via the Content Runner platform to “complete”).

Once an article is completed, the price of the article due to the Writer is credited to the Writer’s account. Payments are made to Writers on a weekly basis if a Writer has accrued $30 or more in their account. Payments to Writers with less than $30 accrued in their account are made every other week, regardless of the amount.

Writer payment takes place on Tuesdays. Accounts accrue payment up to the point of payment processing.

Does Content Runner charge a fee?

Yes. Content Runner charges a flat 15% fee, which is levied on the price charged to the User. For instance, if a User requests an article for $20, Content Runner will collect $20 from the User and retain $3 as a fee ($20 x 15%). The remainder, $17, will be credited to the Writer’s account when the User formally “accepts” the article via the Content Runner platform.

The price of an article of content that is displayed on Content Runner is net of the 15% fee charged by Content Runner. In this example, $17 would be displayed.

Is the price of an article net of Content Runner’s fee?

Yes. All prices displayed on the Content Runner site are net of Content Runner’s fee. These are the amounts that will be credited to a Writer’s account upon acceptance of the article by the User.

Note that the Writer does bear the cost of payment processing fees involved in payment to the Writer. These fees will be deducted when payments are made to the Writer.

Who pays for payment processing?

Content Runner pays the payment processing expense (e.g. credit card fees) associated with collecting funds from the Users out of its 15% service fee.

All costs associated with payment to the Writers are born by the Writers (e.g. PayPal transaction fees, ACH deposit fees, etc.). In the example above ($20 User Price, $3 Content Runner fee and $17 residual for the Writer), these charges would be deducted from the $17 remitted to the Writers. For instance, if a Writer was paid through PayPal, PayPal would levy an estimated 3% charge on the $17 remitted, reducing the net credit to the Writer’s account to ~$16.49.

Note that payment processing fees vary and are not under the control of Content Runner.

Does Content Runner employ the Writers?

No, Content Runner does not employ any Writers, nor does it provide any representations, warrantees or guarantees pertaining to the content created. Content Runner serves as a marketplace to bring those needing content together with those creating content.

Content Runner provides Writer profiles, communication channels and other functionality to allow Writers to market themselves to Users. Content Runner encourages Writers to take advantage of these tools.

Users are encouraged to review Writer profiles and communicate directly with Writers to maximize the likelihood that a Writer’s product will meet their needs.

Does Content Runner guarantee payment to the Writers?

Payment to the Writers is entirely incumbent on the respective User accepting the Writer’s product (acceptance means that the article’s status is changed to “completed”).

Once an article is completed, payment to the Writers is guaranteed by Content Runner, under the terms of Writer payment, which are as follows:

Payments are made to Writers on a weekly basis if a Writer has accrued $30 or more in their account. Payments to Writers with less than $30 accrued in their account are made every other week.

Writer payment takes place on Tuesdays. Accounts accrue payment up to the point of payment processing.

How are Writers paid?

Payment is disbursed via ACH deposit. A Writer must have a U.S. bank account to set up ACH deposit. Writers set up direct deposit by going to the “Billing” section in their Dashboard. Account information will be stored directly with the payment processor, which is PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant (learn more). Neither Content Runner nor the Users that writers create content for will be able see a writer’s billing account information. If you have questions or concerns, please contact support@contentrunner.com.

How often are payments disbursed to Writers?
Writers who reach a minimum threshold of $30 in completed orders during each week will be paid on a weekly basis; otherwise payment will be deposited every 2 weeks. Payments are issued on Tuesdays.
Are Writers required to fill out a W-9?
Yes. Each Writer will be required to submit a W-9 tax form. If you have not already done so, please download the PDF and fill it out with the appropriate information. Do not forget to submit the form complete with your Social Security Number and your signature. Content Runner cannot accept a W-9 without both of these items included on the form.
Is there a possibility that a Writer could write an article that would not be accepted by the User (and therefore, the Writer would not be paid)?
Yes, there is a possibility that a Writer’s article will not be accepted by a User. While Users are encouraged to communicate with Writers via revision notes when there are issues in an article and work collaboratively to resolve it, Users do reserve the right to deny an assignment. However, Users have no rights pertaining to the content until they have formally accepted the content via the Content Runner platform (at which point the Writer is due payment). It is against Content Runner’s Terms of Use for a User to use (use meaning any of the following: publish, display, reproduce, distributed or create derivative works of the content) an article that has been denied or otherwise not accepted. Content Runner is not responsible for a User’s violation of the Terms of Use and does not assume fiduciary responsibility, or assume any other obligation, for the violation of the Terms of Use. To avoid having an article rejected, the Writer should communicate all questions and concerns directly with the User. When sending a message to a User, be sure to include the article ID and title of the article you are concerned about.
How do Users pay Writers?
Users will have the option to add their bank account information in their Dashboard in order to set up direct deposit to Writers.
Is written content the only content allowed on Content Runner?

No. While Content Runner's focus is on providing a marketplace for verbal content, the goal behind Content Runner is to bring people who need content together with people who create content, whatever its form. Content Runner does not guarantee that all forms of content will be supported.

Does Content Runner guarantee that the content is unique?

No. Content Runner assumes no responsibility for the content exchanged through the site or via its services. By removing guarantees that are seldom exercised, Content Runner is able to charge a significantly lower transaction fee compared to industry averages.

However, Content Runner’s Terms of Use require that all content exchanged on the site be unique and that Writers have the ability to offer an unencumbered exclusive license to the content. Content Runner will take action to revoke accounts for Writers who violate the Terms of Use. Regardless of Content Runner’s policies or actions, Users are encouraged to take steps to review the content for plagiarism, quality and other factors before accepting an article (which commits payment to the Writers). Users are entirely responsible for ensuring content is appropriate before they accept an article.

Content Runner has integrated the Copyscape API to check that the content each writer provides a user is unique. If the % of content copied is too high (based on the Copyscape score), Content Runner will programmatically not allow the writer to submit that content to the user. Content Runner has created a system to fight plagiarism, but these tools do not convey responsibility to Content Runner for any content exchanged.

About Copyscape:

Copyscape is dedicated to protecting your valuable content online. We provide the world's most powerful and most popular online plagiarism detection solutions, ranked #1 by independent tests. Copyscape's products are trusted by millions of website owners worldwide to check the originality of their new content, prevent duplicate content, and search for copies of existing content online.

Am I prohibited from contacting Writers or Users outside of Content Runner Services?

No. Content Runner does not prohibit Users and Writers from sharing information or communicating outside of the channels provided on contentrunner.com. Content Runner is an open environment and we encourage Users and Writers to communicate through any channel available to maximize the effectiveness of the exchange.

As with any public forum, we encourage both Users and Writers to take appropriate steps to safeguard their personal information. Content Runner is not responsible for the actions of Users or Writers, or the misuse of information shared between parties.

Do I have to create an account or provide personal information to use Content Runner?

Yes. Content Runner requires that both Users and Writers provide certain personal information, principally to support payment processing. All information is used solely for the purpose of supporting the content marketplace. Content Runner does not sell or market your personal information.

Specific information generally includes:

Users - Information necessary to enable charges to your credit card.

Writers - Information necessary to support payments for content delivered, which may include PayPal or bank account information. Additionally, we may require you to submit IRS form W-9.

Does Content Runner arbitrate disputes?

No. Content Runner does not arbitrate disputes. All disputes are settled between the User and the Writer, independent of Content Runner.

Content Runner may, at times, offer arbitration services. These services involve a specific and explicit contract between Content Runner and the third-party (User or Writer). In absence of an explicit contract, no arbitration obligations or guarantees exist.

When I’m uploading a new order request, what does “require approval to write” mean?

Content Runner gives Users the ability to receive a message from a Writer before choosing which Writer is best for that assignment. If you leave the box unchecked on the order request form, then Writers can “take” the article immediately and start writing without first notifying the User.

Do Writers have to “qualify” or satisfy other requirements to offer their services?

No. Any individual may register to be a Writer. Determining whether a Writer has the ability to deliver content is entirely up to the User. Writers are encouraged to share information with Users in order to help the User make that determination. Users are encouraged to screen Writers and develop long-term relationships to ensure quality.

As a writer, how many articles can I “Take” at once?

Users can set the global limit of “takes” by all Writers under “Settings” in their Dashboard. For example if a User sets their “take” limit to three per Writer, then any given Writer can only have three articles outstanding (any status other than “completed”) with that User at any point in time.

As the writer completes articles for that User (i.e. the User “accepts” the article via the Content Runner platform), they are allowed to “take” additional articles (to the maximum set by the User via the User’s settings).

Tips for Users

Exciting Advertisements

It goes without saying, but no one wants to work on dull projects. When advertising for content, put some effort into highlighting the exciting or engaging aspects of the project. Also, clear and direct requirements will help ensure Writers deliver the content you want.

Set Expectations

Be sure to set explicit expectations. Word count, tone, style, format, timing, etc. should all be explicitly discussed with your Writers to make sure they understand your requirements and deliver to you the content you want.

Provide Feedback

Provide your users direct, timely and honest feedback. Building strong working relationships with Writers will ensure that you receive the highest quality content over the long-term. Invest in those relationships with feedback to help Writers mold the content to your specific requirements.

Credit Risk

Because Content Runner does not employ the writers, arbitrate disputes or otherwise guarantee the content exchanges through its marketplace, Writers bear the risk that they will not be paid for the content they generate.

Users are encouraged to address this credit risk to attract the highest caliber Writers to their projects. If you are new to Content Runner, you may not have established a reputation or direct Writer relationships. You can take steps to assure Writers that you will pay for the content they create:

  • Leverage your company's existing reputation.
  • Clearly articulate your expectations.
  • Ask to see a draft or outline first.
  • Invest in establishing a presence on Content Runner.
  • Start small, grow large - start with some smaller content projects to build a reputation for payment and to establish connections with Writers; don’t start off with a $1,000 project.
  • Develop and nurture relationships with your favorite Writers.
  • Pay more. A higher reward may attract Writers willing to take on more risk.

Writer Quality

If you are not happy with the quality of the Writers applying to work on your projects, there are a number of things that you can do:

  • Increase the rate you are willing to pay to attract higher caliber Writers. Peruse the other advertisements to ensure you are offering competitive rates.
  • Elaborate on your requirements. Writers may not fully understand what you are asking them to produce. Clarifying or expanding on your requirements may help Writers visualize a path to creating the content and reduce their risk of editorial re-work.
  • Review the Writer Directory to find Writers who appear to be suited to the task at-hand and communicate with them directly.
  • Consider adding flexibility to your time-frame or other variables. A more flexible request often results in a larger pool of Writer candidates.
  • Ask for referrals from Users and Writers that you respect. Good writing doesn't go unnoticed, and referrals may generate a great resource.

Tips for Writers

Credit Risk

Due to the fact that Content Runner does not guarantee payments or arbitrate disputes, you are extending credit to the Users for the content you are generating. Content Runner does not guarantee your payment and we understand the concern. There are numerous steps that you can take to mitigate this risk:

  • Start small with new Users. Don’t agree to a $5,000 project with a User you have never worked with before. Try a $20 project and build trust over time.
  • Request payment up-front (either in-part or in-whole). Of course this transfers the credit risk to the Users. Building a reputation as a high-caliber Writer on Content Runner will help alleviate Users' fears that you will fail to deliver.
  • Explicitly discuss payment arrangements and responsibilities. Are you responsible for edits? Be explicit? Will the User pay you immediately upon delivery or on a weekly cycle? Cover each question explicitly.

Build a Reputation

As a Writer, your reputation is paramount. Be sure to invest in developing your reputation through your Content Runner profile. Upload writing samples, discuss your achievements and be honest about your experience and capabilities. Provide Users the information that they need to determine whether you are the Writer for the job.

Only commit to produce what you know you can deliver and then deliver.

Developing long-term User relationships will help to build other long-term User relationships. Referrals are a strong source of revenue, so investing in repeat customer satisfaction will generate long-term returns.

Be Explicit

Ensure that you fully understand the Users requirements (timing, tone, style, format, word count, etc.). If you are unsure or the User is unclear: clarify. Working without clarity will maximize the chance of editorial comments, poor customer satisfaction and refusal of payment.

Sell Yourself

When contacting Users about an assignment, practice good sales techniques. Be direct and concisely communicate why you are the Writer for the job. Offer to provide writing samples or other related work that will help the User make a sound decision (hopefully a sale for you).