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We believe that transparency is exactly what users and writers want in a writing marketplace.

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Flexible Working Arrangements

We give you the ability to set the price and have tools that help you manage your content.

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Writers Earn More

We take tremendous pride in maximizing writer payments through low transaction fees.

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Content Runner has over 2,000 US writers ready to help your agency create expert content for your clients.

BrianDixon Sandy, UT
Leonard Post Falls, ID
klashway52 Lockport, NY
SGMolloy33 Albany, NY
Sarabelle Los Angeles, AK

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"Content Runner has made a huge impact on the quality of our product listings.

It makes it easy to find great writers that will deliver quality content in a timely manner, which is something that is vital to any online store.

The writers that I have had the pleasure of working with are both professional and extremely talented. Not only has Content Runner helped me to find great writers, they also make the process quick and painless. Payments are incredibly easy and allow you to avoid any unnecessary hassle. The process of uploading projects is very quick and simple, which is important when you have a lot of listings that need to be done quickly. However, what I love the most about Content Runner so far is their customer service! They are great to work with and they genuinely care about the quality of their service."
- Nicole Nelson  Skincare By Alana
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Public Writer Directory

We believe that transparency is exactly what users and writers want in a writing marketplace, check out writer profiles in our public writer directory. On Content Runner you know exactly who are you working with, we have US based writers that you can email, call and integrate into your company's workflow.

Flexible Pricing

Tired of paying high prices for low quality writing? On Content Runner you can create a personal relationship with a writer and mutually agree upon a price. If you have a 500 word article you think is worth $25 that is your prerogative and if you have a complex 700 word blog post that will require a lot of research, price that much higher, either way as a user you get the opportunity to choose the pricing you want.

Manage all Your Writing in one Place

After using many of the writing tools out there, we couldn't find one that allowed us to connect with writers and manage writing projects at the same time. With Content Runner you can meet new writers and track all of your projects in our Dashboard. Looking for a seamless integration with your sales cycle? Talk to us about our API.

Export Articles with Ease

Looking to get your articles into a Word document quickly? With our Export tab, you can zip up your content and export to a Word document. You can also quickly import your content into WordPress as a draft page or post and say goodbye to copying and pasting out of Word (and losing all of your links and formatting in the process). Most importantly your client will never know your content came from Content Runner because we offer a white label plug-in!

Idea Engine & Topic Creation

Brainstorm away for new and innovative topics using Google Keyword data and Twitter. Soon enough you will impress your clients with your perspicacity and your content marketing ninja skills. We know that coming up with topics for your web site, personal blog or next newsletter is challenging. The first 5 ideas may come with a burst of inspiration, but when you are managing content for a large company or helping a variety of small businesses, you need help. We have just the idea for you — outsource it!

Content Metrics

Flesch-Kincaid grade level score

Flesch-Kincaid grade level score

Benchmark your content's reading score and grade level.

Syllable per word count

Track the number of syllables per word in your content.

Syllables per word
Words per sentence

Average words per sentence

Quickly gauge your sentence complexity by viewing your words per sentence in your article.

Repetition count

Avoid using the same words repeatedly in your content.

Repetition count

Revision Control

Track Changes

Track changes

Review and compare your latest draft to the previous version, accept and merge changes once you agree to the updates.

Expedite your review process

Quickly scan your content and get a handle on the changes made by your Writer.

Expedite your review process

Write for Content Runner

Content Runner is always looking for great writers! Sign up today, fill out a profile and get contacted by agencies looking for writers.

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